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Park offer

Visitors can visit and see all the places in the park, except where attendance is not allowed under the legislation or other acts of the Institution (Regulations of internal order, urban plan, management plan, decision, etc.)

Places for visiting and sightseeing

Visitors can visit and see all the places in the park, except where attendance is not allowed under the legislation or other acts of the Institution (Regulations of internal order, urban plan, management plan, decision, etc.)

Lookout points

Lookout points which offer a magnificent view:

  • Staza, 897 m nm

    To the left of the label in the parking lot in front of the restaurant "The doors Biokovo" is a trekking trail about 5 min away where you arrive at the lookout with a view of the Makarska Riviera and the islands.
     - Above the car park is the largest and most interesting secondary ranch resort Podglogovik that is now abandoned, on the road to the village on the right side is the church of St. Ilija which was built in the nineteenth century, around 1880 and opposite to it is the chapel of St. Ante; through the remains of the village footpath in about 30 minutesyou reach Pluzina and along the trail you can see the remains of prehistoric dwellings and shepherds (Illyrian);
    - From the road to the abandoned village Podglogovik is a macadam road to Saranču 8 km long, which is designated as a bicycle path;
    - In the abandoned village Podglogovik there is a mountain hut (the foothill House), of the mountaineering society "Vitrenik" from Podgora;

  • Skywalk, 1 228 m nm

    Skywalk Biokovo is a horseshoe-shaped platform out off the cliff with a glass walkway. It is located in the southwestern part of the Biokovo Nature Park on the 13th km of the Biokovo road and next to the info-center, at an altitude of 1228 meters above the sea level where specific weather conditions prevail. In front of info-center is a geological pillar - a three-dimensional view of the cross-section of the rocks that formed the area of Biokovo from its inception to the present day with a geological time table and description of the age and types of rocks. The lookout has the capacity of 30 visitors at a time. Visitors can come to the Ravna Vlaška and Skywalk lookout by the so-called Biokovo road, which leads from the main entrance to the Biokovo Nature Park, on the state road D512 (Makarska-Vrgorac) to the highest peak Sveti Jure.

    The opening hours of the Skywalk lookout are from 8-18h, given the weather conditions. The last entrance for the visitors at the reception of the Park is at 17:00h.

  • Štrbina (below Vošac), 1 338 m nm

    800 m from the junction to Vošac on the Biokovo road is the parking lot (in front of the mountain hut under Vošac, which is currently not in operation) where by the footpath in about 15 minutes you can reach a lookout point with a view on Makarska and islands. The lookout poiint can be reached by hiking trail from Makar.

  • Vošac, 1 422 m nm

    The lookout is located at the top of Vošac which is accessable by a moderate walking trail in about 20 minutes from the parking lot in front of the mountain hut under Vošac which for now is not working, or by the trail from Makar. At the top is the mountain lodge " Vošac " managed by SAK "Ekstrem".

  • Sv. Jure, 1 762 m nm

    The lookout is located on the top of Biokovo. From the junction of Vošac on the Biokovo road, 6 km away, and ultimately the origin of the Biokovo road. In addition St. Jura can be reached by hiking trail from Makar through Vošca and from Velikog Brda and Bašković through Lokve from the coastal side or the hinterland sides from Milić and from the top Turija.
    - at the top of St. Jura is a television tower and the building of telecommunication devices, and the church of St. Jura, which was built in 1968 in place of the previous church of St. Jura, which was probably built immediately after Christianization, and certainly existed in the 12th century, as evidenced shows through the stone slabs which are located above the altar of the old ruined church. The church commemorates the year 1640, and was restored through the past several times until it finally collapsed in 1965 to gave way to a TV tower and the building of telecommunication devices;
    - from the top of St. George is a panoramic view of the islands and the hinterland and in extremely good weather it is possible to see the Bosnian-Herzegovinian mountains and neighboring Italy (Monte Gargano).

Educational trails

Educational geological trail under Vikovik

The educational geological trail begins at the 9th mile of the Biokovo road, between the plateaux and Lemešinih dolaca and Jakičuše. The trail is easy and with mountain markings, and the tour on foot takes about half an hour. The invitation board located on the road along with two other educational boards placed along the track explain the origin of limestone and geomorphological phenomena of Biokovo.

Educational trail Paths of ancient Berulia

The educational trail "Paths of ancient Berulia" is a plantation with a distance of 2.7 miles, leading from the Presentation Center of Nature Park Biokovo in " Brela Gornja " in Subotišću to the church of St. Nikolas. Nine educational boards show the life of old Berulije and its inhabitants. Words and pictures tell the story of the Church of Our Lady of Good Health from the 17th century - a protected cultural property, Tomaš inns where the grain is carried out, the Gorčini - the site of the famous gentian almonds and sour cherry, Klešićima - the old village on the rocky cliffs, wells Vodice - hot "living Water, "the Mrkore lookout“ - site on the rocks of special structure and color, Dubrava - now covered with dense pine forests, where once were fertile vineyards and marasca cherries and St. Nikola - a recorded historic property from the 13th century. The trail is easy, and a tour takes about an hour.


Botanical Garden Kotišina

It is located on the coastal slopes of the mountain slope above the village Kotišina, at an altitude of 350-500 meters and is an integral part of the Nature Park Biokovo. From Makarska is located just 3 km and it can be reached by car, following the paved road turns to the state road Makarska - Vrgorac Kotišina for the village Kotišina, or on foot from the town of Makarska (above the city market) for about 45 minutes. Through the garden are several hiking trails, and during the summer months, visitors can in the Memorial House "Marin Kovačević " in Kotišina receive promotional material and information about the garden.

Presentation and Information Centers

Information Centre Ravna vlaška

It is located on the Biokovo the road at 13 km from the reception in front of the same name lookout and during the summer months it is open to visitors every day in the morning. In it, visitors can receive information and promotional material about the park, learn about the geological history of Biokovo on the basis of its geologic column, see photos of flora and fauna, and learn something about life and ice caves in secondary cattle population settlements from the past.

Working hours: Monday - Sunday from 8:00 to 20:00.

Presentation Centre Adrion

The Adrion Presentation Centre – heart of the mountain is situated in the newly constructed administration building of the Public Institution of Biokovo Nature Park at the Makarska Sports Centre. The presentation centre includes bilingual thematic units interpreted through graphic and multimedia displays, ambient sound backgrounds, tangible experiences, showing an overview of Mt. Biokovo in 120 square metres of exhibition space. Learn more about the origin of the Earth, formation of the mountains, plant and animal worlds, and cultural heritage through augmented reality, microscopes, earthquake simulators, and LCD touch screens in the new multimedia presentation centre of Biokovo Nature Park.


May - September:
- Monday - Friday: 08,00 - 13,00 h
- Weekends closed

October - April: Upon request and prior notice on e -mail:

Presentation Centre Brela Gornja

The Presentation Center is located in Brela Gornja in Brela building of regional collections and during the summer months is open to visitors every day in the morning. In the presentation center visitors can through exhibitions see Biokovo in its entirety, see the natural wonders and beauty of the park, and get promotional materials and information about the park. The Presentation Center is also the starting point of educational trail "Ancient Paths of Berulije".

Working hours: Upon request and prior notice on e -mail:

Presentation Centre Kotišina

Kotišina Presentation Center is located in the Memorial House "Marin Kovačević " in Kotišina, and visitors can here get material and information on the Biokovo Botanical Garden Kotišina.

Working hours: Upon request and prior notice on e -mail:

Hiking trails

The park can be used for organized and individual hiking.

Visitors can according to the mountain-map on the field visit many roads and trails:

•    ecologically educational trail, "Dr. Fra Jure Radić"
•    Biokovo mountain path – BPS
•    access from the coastal side - northwest, central and south-eastern part of Biokovo
•    access from the hinterland side

A mountain-tourist map can be purchased at a cost of 45 kn at the park entrance reception, the info-center Ravna vlaška or the Public institution "Nature Park Biokovo" Marineta - Mala obala 16, 21 300 Makarska.

Visitors on the basis of their physical abilities and according to their wishes can choose easy, medium heavy and heavy hiking tours and a combination of walking tours with transport.

Hiking trails:

1.    Podgora/Srida sela – Vrutak – Staza – Podgogovik
Climbing time: 2.30 h
Difficulty: easy

2.    Tučepi/Srida sela – Sv. Kate – Mali vrv – Badališće – Ravna Vlaška
Climbing time: 4 h
Difficulty: medium difficulty

3.    Tučepi/Grubišići – Logršća Voda – Kolovrat – Lađana
Climbing time: 3:30 h
Difficulty: medium difficulty

4.    Makarska Kotišina – Pržinovac – Štrbina – Vošac
Climbing time: 4 h
Difficulty: medium difficulty

5.    Makarska Makar – Kruška – Štrbina – Vošac
Climbing time: 3 h
Difficulty: medium difficulty

6.    Makarska Makar – Kruška – Štrbina – Babina Vrklja – Sv. Jure
Climbing time: 7 h
Difficulty: hard

7.    Makarska
Veliko Brdo/Baškovići – Miletin bor – Prasina dolac – Baškovića staje – Lokva
Climbing time: 5 h
Difficulty: medium difficulty

8.    Makarska Veliko Brdo – Križice – Štropac – Duboki dolac – Babina Vrklja – Sv. Jure
Climbing time: 7 h
Difficulty: hard

9.    Baška Voda Bast – Korito – Osićine – Sv. Ilija
Climbing time: 6 hours
Difficulty: hard

10.    Brela/Kričak – Sv. Kajo – Nevistina stina – Sokolove staje – Sv. Nikola
Climbing time: 2.30 h
Difficulty: easy

11.    Brela Gornja/Subotišće – Sv. Nikola – Bukovac
Climbing time: 3 h
Difficulty: medium difficulty

12.    Šute – Kamenica – Šutine staje – Vraca – Sv. Ilija
Climbing time: 7 h
Difficulty: hard

13.    Brzice – Kaoci – Podrašac – Studenci – Lokva

Climbing time: 6 hours
Difficulty: medium difficulty

14.    Milići – Očeski – Sv. Jure
Climbing time: 5 h
Difficulty: hard

15.    Vrh Turije – Lozovac – Ljubović – Sv. Jure
Climbing time: 6 h
Difficulty: hard

16.    Župa/Roglići – Čulija – Sutvid – Sv. Rok
Climbing time: 3.30 h
Difficulty: medium difficulty

17.    Veliki Godinj – Goli brig – Manastirine / "Hiking trail Josip Bašić"
Climbing time: 3 h
Difficulty: medium difficulty

18.    Gomila – Zakučje – Stružine – Manastirine
Climbing time: 4 h
Difficulty: leasy
19.    Biokovska planinarska staza (BPS) – Bartulovići (Brela Gornja) - Šošići (Gornje Igrane)
Climbing time: couple days
Difficulty: hard

For more information on hiking trails, contact the following mountaineering clubs:

Croatian Mountaineering Association "Biokovo"
Dalmatinska 5
21 300 Makarska
Tel./Fax: +385 (0)21 616 455
Mob.: +385 (0)98 225 852 (D. Erceg)

Alpine Caving Club "Ekstrem"
Put Umca 14
21 300 Makarska
Mob.: +385 (0)98 968 7786 (D. Delić)

Mountaineering Club "Vitrenik" Podgora
Tel.: +385 (0)21 625 687

Mountaineering Club "Pozjata" Brela
Kričak bb
21 322 Brela
Mob.: +385 (0)98 771 819 (Ž. Bekavac)
Mob.: +385 (0)98 851 247 (D. Medić)

Croatian Mountaineering Association "Sv. Jure"
21 270 Zagvozd
Tel.: +385 (0)21 847 308 (I. Buljubašić)
Mob.: +385 (0)98 162 8956 (I. Buljubašić)

Important note!
Do not go alone on the mountain, wear suitable clothing and footwear and sufficient quantities of water since Biokovo has no drinkable (spring) water, or mountain lodge open.
Since the ground is hard, stony, full of rocks and moving screes with much bulk materials with the danger of snakes wear high and tight shoes.
Because of the possibility of sudden and abrupt weather changes, and altitude and temperature difference bring warm clothing - raincoat or windbreaker.
Do not forget a hat and sunscreen in the case of strong sunlight.
Before leaving for the mountains do not forget to check the weather forecast (weather and road conditions 060 520 520) to avoid the dangers that may be caused by bad weather.
Use only fire in a designated and marked places, before leavingthoroughly extinguish the remains of the fire.
Camping is not allowed in the Park except in special cases with permission from the Institution.
When climbing or descending the mountain, it is banned to knock rocks down a steep slope. Take all litter with you and dispose of in the space provided.
On the Nature Park Biokovo there are plenty of rare and endangered plants so do not pick or destroy their habitat, do not frighten and kill animals or destroy their habitats. This becomes particularly true for snakes and lizards, because among them there are many threatened and endangered species. You can defend yourself from a snake by frightening it and scaring it away, not only killing it, because snakes do not attack unless attacked.
The only venomous snake on Biokovo is the viper and in case of a bite it is necessary to seek professional medical care immediatly. The bitten person should be immobilized and immediately transferred to hospital.
After returning from the wild shake clothes and the examine for ticks that may be carriers of dangerous diseases to humans if they are infected, which has not yet been the case on Biokovo. In the case of tick bite or a significant reaction to stings or bites of other insects, contact your doctor, and use prevention is to protect yourself with the proper means.

In the event of an accident in the mountains or other difficult terrain call:

•    Unique operative communication center, tel.: 112
•    The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service (
      Emergency phone call – station Makarska
      Mob.: +385 (0)91 721 0011
      Stanica Makarska
      A.G. Matoša 1
      21 300 Makarska
Other important telephone numbers:
Police: 192
Ambulance: 94
Firefighters: 193

Rock climbing

On and you can find detailed information about rock-climbing routes, which can be used solely at your own risk.

For information on climbing the artificial rock in Makarska, please contact:

Caving alpine club "Ekstrem"

Put Umca 14
21 300 Makarska
Mob.: +385 (0)98 968 7786 (D. Delić)



Cycling is anticipated on the paved Biokovo road (23 km) from the entrance to the park to the highest peak of Sv. George - 1762 m asl, with particular caution since the road has only one lane and lay-bys and is used ​​during the tourist season by a number of cars, vans, buses and motorcycles.

The gravel-road trail Saranač 8 km long, and fire roads within the park and in the contact zones are suitable for mountain biking.

During the bike ride in the park you must wear a protective helmet!

Detailed information at:

Cycling Club "Makarska"
Franjevački put 2, p.p. 76
21 300 Makarska
Fax: +385 (0)21 616 655


Paragliding (free-flying)

The airfield "Biokovo" is in the nature park Biokovo, and was officially registered under the Decision of the Ministry of Sea, Tourism, Transport and Development, and is intended for flying paragliders, hang gliders and paragliders for sport and recreational flying.
Takeoffs Miletin bor and Pržinovac are located in the park, and the landing Ramova is a part of the coastal promontory in Makarska.

The position of the takeoff for Paragliding in the Park:

1300 m.n.m.
N 43o 18' 11.3"
E 017o 03' 07.5"


650 m.n.m.
N 43o 19' 55.6"
E 017o 00' 24.9"

Location of landings on the beach in Makarska:

1 m.n.m.
N 43o 18' 50.1"
E 016o 59' 47.3"

Alternate landings are the main and auxiliary football field Makarska Sports Centre,  and soccer field center Tučepi.
Flying from the takeoff point of Przinovac and Miletin bor may be used only for experienced pilots and users are obliged to pay the entrance fee into the park and register in the tracking book with the takeoff operator or at the front desk at the entrance of the park.


Before the flight you must contact the operator!


Paragliding club "Edel" - Makarska
Obala kralja Tomislava 27, Makarska
Mob.: +385 (0)98 732 110

The flight manager on the runway Matko Benković.



In the Nature Park Biokovo there are several taverns and restaurants where you can enjoy a rich variety of local specialties.

Tavern "Roko"
Address: Cesta domovinskog rata bb, Brela Gornja
              21255 Zadvarje
Telephone: +385 (0)21 729 175

Tavern "Panorama"
Address: Šošići bb,
             21 327 Podgora
Telephone: +385(0)21 615 876
Mobile: +385(0)91 582 5826

Tavern "Opačak"

Address: Gornje Tučepi bb
              21325 Tučepi
Telephone: +385 (0)21 679 962
Mobile: +385 (0)98 433 961

Rural tourism "Vrata Biokova"

Address: Staza
Telephone: +385 (0)21 613 902
Mobile: +385 (0)98 924 5051

Restaurant "Veza"
Address: Gornji Tučepi bb
               21325 Tučepi
Telephone: +385 (0)21 623 224