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Novi Adrion

The project "Novi Adrion – Promotion of the sustainable use of the Biokovo Nature Park's natural heritage" implemented by the public institution "Biokovo Nature Park", is financed from the European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Program Competitiveness and Cohesion 2014-2020 and it is based on the grant agreement signed on April 04, 2018 between Biokovo NP, The Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds, and the Central Finance and Contracting Agency.

Project partners are the Public Institution Makarska Development Agency "MARA" and the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service - HGSS, participating in the implementation.
The main objectives of the call for proposals wich will be achieved by implementation of this project, are to increase the educational capacity of Biokovo NP's visitors through the development of new educational programs and contents, increasing the attractiveness of Biokovo NP's natural heritage and increasing the number of visitors to Biokovo NP as a result of investing in visitor and promotional contents.

The elements of the project that are to achieve these objectives are:

  • The Visitor Management Plan, which is obligatory for this Call if it not has been drafted before, will be establishes as a framework for sustainable management of ever more numerous visitors in protected areas.
  • Construction of the Skywalk, that is, upgrading the existing viewpoint in the Ravna vlaška area, as an unique example throughout the region, whereby the attractiveness of the park will multiply.
  • Improvement of visitor areas through the development and increase of the existing visitor offer on the locations along the Biokovo road.
  • Reconstruction of Rodić Road, or macadam road from Staza to Saranač, into a pedestrian-cycling trail about 7km long, but not demanding, and as such, adapted for all ages.
  • Improvement of the visitor transportation system through the introduction of the shuttle buses with timetable along the Biokovo road, and bicycles for rent at the main entrance. This is meant to relieve an unadjusted Biokovo road from a large number of personal vehicles, which create crowds and pollute the environment.
  • Reconstruction of an old elementary school in Župa as a Biokovo NP Visitor Center with an interactive exhibition that will present the details of Biokovo and Biokovo hinterland in a modern way. This project element aims to achieve and disperse visitors to the less visited but equally worth north side of the Biokovo mountain.
  • Improving the visitor safety system through procurement of equipment for the injured, introducing security enhancements and educating the staff of the NP by the HGSS partner.
  • Multimedia education of visitors by setting up exterior and interior interactive screens in the area of ​​the Makarska Riviera with all the most important information about the park and park offerings. This element is implemented by project partner MARA.
  • Development of educational programs by experts in biology and geology, which will be implemented in presentation centers and on the field, which will be enabled by the procurement of mobile equipment. This element also includes a mobile application for the younger generation in order for them to learn the most interesting facts about Biokovo through fun and play.
  • Creation of the educational and presentation materials includes the creation of the interactive book and guide through Biokovo, as additional educational elements.
  • Education of the tourist public is an element that will introduce the new park offerings to all important tourism sectors, as the results of the implementation of this project.

The total value of the project is 34.183.407,30 HRK, out of the allocated grants by the European Structural and Investment Funds are 27.235.490,42 HRK. The remaining amount is financed by own resources of the beneficiary and partners, and by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund. The project started with the implementation in November 2016, and the last month of implementation of project activities is planned to be in January 2021.

For all further information on the project Novi Adrion please contact:
Velimir Vidak-Buljan, Project Manager -
Nataša Batošić Joskić, Project Officer -
Telephone/fax - +385 (0)21 616 924