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Dr. fra Jure Radić
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Botanical garden

It is located on the coastal slopes of the mountain slope above the village Kotišina, at an altitude of 350-500 meters and is an integral part of Biokovo Nature Park.

The garden was founded by Dr. Fra Jure Radic (1920-1990), a Franciscan priest and scholar, with the purpose of scientific research and monitoring, protection, conservation, and popularization of the flora of Biokovo. This is not a botanical garden in the classic sense, where each plant is brought by certain rules, but is designed as a "walled part of nature", which will retain the natural vegetation forms with its native flora. For a relatively small area of 16.5 hectares there are highly diverse habitats such as rock gardens, screes, precipitous rocks, arable land, and the Proslap canyon with the same name waterfall, which is most of the year is dry, and comes alive only during heavy rains.

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Botanical garden Kotišina (.pdf document)