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Dr. fra Jure Radić

Dr. fra Jure Radić

Mostly thanks to Friar Dr. Jure Radić – a great man, priest, theologian, scientists and naturalist, and thanks all his associates, Biokovo in 1981 was proclaimed a Natural Park in an area of ​​19550 ha.

Friar Dr. Jure Radić was born on December 28 1920 in Baska Voda near Makarska. After primary school in his hometown, he graduated at the Franciscan Classical Gymnasium in Sinj in 1940. He was ordained a priest in 1943 in Makarska. He earned his doctorate at the Catholic Theological Faculty in Zagreb in 1957. He was a pastor in a short number of parishes, and most of his life was spent on Visovac, Makarska and Split as a teacher and professor (90 semesters) to seminarians. He was rector of the Franciscan guardian and High Seminary in Makarska.

He is a world recognized expert in the field of maclacology, botany and ecology. He is the founder of the Malacological Museum, the Institute "Mountains and Sea" and the botanical garden Kotišina Biokovo in Makarska. He is the founder of scientific meetings and the scientific collection, "Acta Biokovica" about the nature of Biokovo. He has worked in many natural science journals and publications where he gave a number of scientific papers. He is the author, editor, publisher and translator of many professional and scientific papers in liturgical and theological issues. He collaborated on numerous books and is the author of books for liturgical renewal of the Croats, Zagreb, 1957 (c), 75, my missal, I – III (review), Rijeka, 1957-58, 988, liturgical renewal in Croatia, Makarska, 1966, 224, Treasure of the Sea, Makarska, 1970, 116, Biokov Plants , Makarska, 1977, 237, face the sea, Makarska, 1991, 94

He died suddenly July 25, 1990 in Split, and was buried at City Cemetery in Makarska.

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